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The IMK9 story starts with Ginger, our family’s Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is Ginger when she was a 4-month old puppy.


Before Ginger there was Sooper, a golden retriever. And Snickers (cocker spaniel), Tucker (also a spaniel), and Trooper (a really big golden retriever). These are dogs we have loved and who loved us back. We played with them, or they played with us. We went camping, boating, and hiking together. Or we just played fetch in the park. Our families’ dogs provide the stories we tell our own children now. Like the one about Snickers who mistook a solid patch of green algae on the Mississippi River for solid ground and got quite the shock of her life!

We think our dog and yours deserves quality treats and accessories. We didn’t find exactly what we wanted for Ginger, and so we decided to source and sell it ourselves. We’re talking fun color combinations and extra design touches that make the product that much better. We pledge to provide a level of customer service that makes each purchase worry-free for our customers.

We know you have many choices when it comes to dog treats. Our mission is to bring to our customers products that will make outings and play time with your canine friends more enjoyable, fewer headaches, and with a touch of style too.

You can always reach us at info@iamk9pets.com


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